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What ad formats does support?

We support all popular ad formats, including Display, Native, and Video, across all platforms including web, amp, and in-app. is an authorized exchange bidding partner across all formats.

Do I need to add any entries to my site's Ads.txt file?

Yes. All publishers signing up with will receive an email with the ads.txt entry and instructions to carry out necessary steps.

Does honor blocklists?

Yes, we do support advertiser/category blocklists. An ideal blocklist would include advertiser domains/categories in adherence to IAB 1.0 category nomenclature.

Does support property/site blocklists?

Yes, we do offer and enforce property/site blocklists.

Does provide any reporting dashboard?

No, does not provide access to its own reporting dashboard. All relevant numbers and statistics are available in the publisher’s OB interface access.

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